Kausani is a little Hilltown in the Bageshwar District of the northerly Indian land of Uttarakhand. The scenes from the Town is so wonderful, that once Mahatma Gandhi called the site "Switzerland of India" while his brief visit to the Town. The town is very calm and one can experience the beautiful landscape of the Himalayas from approximately any part of the City. The under part of the town has the local market and the upper part of the Town, where the Gandhi Ashram is situated in the place where most of the better Hotels are situated. The warmth is refreshing in the summer months and extremely cold in the winter seasons. One can do trekking in the different surroundings around Kausani. The principal charm of the town is the sumptuous landscape of the Nanda Devi Range. This range can be inspected from the most section of the town. Continental and Chinese specialties are subserved in almost all Inns and Eateries. Even though there are no separate Establishments, but there are quite a few Roadside eateries. It is recommended to have the significant snacks from within the Hotels one is staying. Kausani has become a very busy tourist locality over the latest decade and there are Hotels of diverse range to suit every pocket. The greater hotels in Kausani are established in the uptown near the Gandhi Ashram and the budget hotels in Kausani are established around the neighborhood market. You can book your stay with EasyMyJourney and get great offers.

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