The initial thing that hits the traveler touring Kalimpong is its quiet environment. The peaceful ambiance that penetrates is intensified by the presence of monasteries and churches athwart the city. Kalimpong is also recognized for its bustling marketplaces and traditional handiworks. It is renowned for its lovely orchids and greenhouses. Kalimpong gives a picturesque view of the majestic Himalayan ranges that lie away from it. The perfect time to tour Kalimpong is while summer. Kalimpong is an influential and well-known flower producing town and it generates 80% of the total gladioli rendered in India. There are numerous nurseries in Kalimpong, which excel in the production of orchids. Tourists can hit some major nurseries across the town and see at their accumulation of flowers, orchids, and cacti. Other sites to tour in Kalimpong are Dr. Graham's Home and the adjoining chapel (located on the slopes of Deolo Hill), and the prestigious Nature Interpretation Center (located on Rinkingpong road) is a must see. Teesta Bazaar established 16 km from Kalimpong, is an essential spot for whitewater rafting. There are a plenty of places of visitor attention in Kalimpong. Kalimpong is established within two hills which, on a cloudless morning, afford glimpses of Kanchenjunga. Deolo Hill gives the most all-embracing picturesque views and also has a guesthouse. There are a lot of luxury hotels in Kalimpong where travelers can stay and enjoy a comfortable stay. You can book hotels in Kalimpong with EasyMyJourney.

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