A fairy tale moat, beautiful palaces and a pantheon are its principal charms today. The tinsel town yet preserves the old world beauty and houses various remnants defining back to the medieval period. A trip to Junagadh will allow one to conquer the diverse facets and true extract of Gujarat. Few sites offer you the opportunity to penetrate the earth and the heavens, the civilized and the wild, as Junagadh does. Overlooking over the city is Mt. Girnar, a religious site for Hindus and Jains that is climbed by a 9999-step staircase along hills studded by temples that stretch for the sky and gaze out across the plains. Stepping up these stairs in pilgrimage is a different experience of endeavoring towards the heavens. Spiraling down the staircase of thousand-year-old Navghan Kuvo, diving 170 feet into the center of solid rock to discover life-giving water at the bottom, is an exceptional contact with the components that sustain us. In Junagadh, one can spot accommodations and co-operation while also being accessible on the wallet. Junagadh grants plenty of accommodation choices, from deluxe to 4-star hotels in Junagadh. Homestay convenience is also accessible in the hotel, enabling one to traverse Junagadh at a lower price. You can book these hotels in Junagadh with EasyMyJourney now.

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