Jalandhar district, located in the irrigated plains between the Beas and Sutlej rivers, is steeped in legend. One story says that it is entitled after a beast king mentioned in the Puranas and the Mahabharata. A different interpretation is that the district was ruled by Danava Jalandhara, an offspring of the course Ganga. Historically, it dates back to the Indus Valley Civilisation with numerous sites yielding traces of ancient settlements. Jalandhar also finds mention during the reign of Kanishka and was home to as many as 50 Buddhist viharas and maths. Jalandhar also played an important role in the Freedom Movement, with several revolutionary members of the anti-imperialist Ghadar Party launching their protests here. Following Independence in 1947, Jalandhar has become one of the wealthiest districts of Punjab, thanks in part to the sports goods industry it has nurtured. Not too far from hereabouts lie Nur Mahal, best recognized for the ruins of a magnificent ancient Sarai created by Noor Jehan; and Phillaur remembered for its fort and two archaeological places recording back to the Harappan era. Also known as the City of Fakirs, its other attraction is the Pir of Baba Murad Shah, a Sufi (Muslim mystic order) saint. In September, a grand festival is held here, attracting musicians and singers from around the state. Jalandhar’s musical traditions, however, are crowned by what is inarguably the oldest classical music festival in the world, the Harballabh Sangeet Festival, hosted in December. You can choose between budget and luxury hotels in Jalandhar as there are many. Contact EasyMyJourney now to book these hotels in Jalandhar.

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