The enchanting golden sandstone city of Jaisalmer, located in Rajasthan's Thar desert, charms up memories of an Arabian Nights tale. To endure the complete brightness of the city, go during the yearly Jaisalmer Desert Festival, usually held in beginning February or late January. Jaisalmer's heavenly sandstone Fort, which relates a large sandcastle extending from the desert, is the city's focal position. However, what's actually extraordinary about it is that it's the greatest living fort in India. One of the central attractions inside the Fort is a remarkable range of seven interconnected Jain temples, formed out of sandstone. Jaisalmer is also recognized for the fairytale structure of its majestic memorable havelis (mansions), established both inside and outside of the Fort. Many can be located in the small lanes north of the Fort. Patwa Haveli is the city's greatest and most influential haveli. Created by five Jain brothers, it's most majestic from the outline, with its breathtaking elaborate stonework. Two segments of it are permitted to the people, one is an impressive privately worked gallery that's worth a glance. Most visitors take a camel safari, it's the most amazing Jaisalmer adventure. A camel safari will also grant you the chance to testify the natural, rural badlands life of India. There are a lot of hotels in Jaisalmer where you can stay during your travel. Book these amazing hotels in Jaisalmer using EasyMyJourney.

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