Hampi is renowned for its vestiges relating to the erstwhile ancient Hindu kingdom of Vijayanagar and it is portrayed as a World Heritage site. The pagodas of Hampi, its unified statues, and memorials invite the wanderer because of their superior craftsmanship. The Hindu form of the structure located at Hampi displays the glory of the Vijaynagar Empire. The rugged scenery combines with the historic ambiance of this locality. It has a tropic weather with warm summertime (April-June), and cool winters (October-February). There are a plenty of sightseer displays, within the walled enclosure of the royal center. The Lotus Mahal or palace is an intricately outlined building within a walled compound, known as the Zenana Enclosure. This castle is a combination of Indo-Islamic design and receives its name from the lotus bud engraved on its domed and hemispheric ceiling. The Elephant district is nearby to the Zenana Enclosure. It is a domed structure, which housed the magnificent elephants. The Queen's Bath, with its different Islamic design, and the Underground Virupaksha temple are additional significant areas to hit within the magnificent center. The Archeological Museum at Kamalapuram has a great selection of carvings relating to the Vijaynagar Empire. Aloof from the Hampi Bazaar and the Royal center, Anegondi is an added section to be toured by the tourist. It has a plenty of pagodas in and nearby it. Have a historic trip while staying at the decent hotels In Hampi which are present in the city. There a lot of budget and luxury hotels in Hampi where you can stay. EasyMyJourney offers the best prices by which you can book these beautiful hotels in Hampi.

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