The ageless attraction of Gulmarg indicates the innocence of nature. This small yet beautiful town is a harbor for the venture seekers and a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Waddle along the vast extents of flower-clad pastures and sway through the alpine hills replete with blizzard. Gulmarg summons venture abilities and at the same time proposes a refreshing ambiance to preserve the peace of mind- it is a classic melange to enjoy the taste of authentic Kashmir. The charming landscape offers a myriad of opportunities for an excursion in Gulmarg. Sites like Kongdori and Aparwath are well-connected by the Gulmarg Gondola. Scenic, as they can best be illustrated, these interesting places offer a general view of the valley. Khilanmarg is another spectacular destination situated in the vicinity of Gulmarg offering an unmatched view of the Himalayan range. A frozen lake situated 13 km beyond Khilanmarg also attracts attention as a popular tourist attraction in Gulmarg. The natural terrains of Nagin Valley and the divine memorial of Baba Reshi dedicate this peaceful valley. The undying spectacle called Gulmarg gives millions of reasons to travelers across the globe to throng here. The ‘Heartland of Winter sports’, Gulmarg is where all the activity takes a point. The town also takes fabulous pride in maintaining Asia’s largest and world’s second largest cable car scheme called Gulmarg Gondola. Set against a gorgeous backdrop, it invites a large number of companies. There are a lot of hotels in Gulmarg where you can enjoy plenty of amenities. Book these hotels in Gulmarg with EasyMyJourney and get great prices.

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