Gopalpur is a very little town with package loads of attraction and pleasure. The beach center is easy to examine. You can begin off the day with an early morning tide visit to the beach to enjoy the spectacular sunrise, one gets to observe here. Then, head off for some delicious brunch at your point of the stay. Go out for an outing to Ramhha (Chilika Lake) to experience its immense charm, its greenery and a boat spin at the lake. In the evening, travel to the beach to tour the lighthouse for a wonderful view of the whole town and beach and maybe even click some fabulous panoramic photos. Spend the twilight strolling down the beach and holding some snacks from the beach stalls before heading out for a fabulous dinner and some beverages at one of the town's wonderful eateries. The place by virtue of being located near the sea has great options of seafood from prawns, shrimps and crabs to big fishes. Gopalpur is an exceptional getaway for those residing in and around Orissa and an excellent place for nature enthusiasts. Gopalpur-on-sea is a worthy vacation destination in Orissa, pulling a host of travelers each year. There is a broad range of Hotels in Gopalpur to extend them the best settlement at the destination. These Gopalpur resorts are varying from leisure to budget hotels in Gopalpur to affordable hotels in Gopalpur. Book these hotels in Gopalpur with EasyMyJourney and have a great holiday.

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