A loam of wisdom, Gaya is an important pilgrimage place that is steeped in great history. Equally important for Hindus as well as Buddhist, oodles of folks wish to understand, pursue and gather more information about Buddhism to bring harmony and peacefulness in their lives. This beautiful site is huddled on the banks of holy River Phalgu in the wonderful state of Bihar. It is a ritual site and famous for Pind Daan. Hindu followers from all beyond the world pay a visit to this blessed place to carry out Pind Daan pooja for the freedom of the souls of their families. Gotten its name from the brute Gayasur, it is certainly a beautiful city enveloped by temple-crowned hills. Its fabulous inviolability, majestic history and marvelous appeal make it a must-visit destination for any nature enthusiast. Gaya has its allusion in the great legends of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Sita, the partner of Lord Rama is deemed to have thrashed the Phalgu River of which is a tremendous stretch of sand dunes. Erected during the 7th century, Mahabodhi Temple is famous for religious importance and is among the favorite places of consequence for tourists thronging from various parts of the world. It is a Buddhist temple snuggled about 60 miles from the charming city of Patna. The temple has been renovated various times. Enjoy the culture of Gaya and stay in the comfortable hotels in Gaya. You can book these hotels in Gaya with EasyMyJourney to spend a comfortable trip.

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