With the tag of the neatest city in Asia, Gandhinagar is the official capital of Gujarat established on the western bank of Sabarmati flow. The city is divided into thirty organized sectors, each of them is pedestrian friendly and self-contained. This roomy city also houses several places to tour for sightseeing like Children's Park, and Fossil Park, Swaminarayan Temple, Rani Roopmatis Mosque and Capital Complex. Visitors who tour Gandhinagar never avoid a visit to the Akshardham Temple, made of pink stone and elegant carving throughout it. For those people who are on a wanderer tour to Gandhinagar, can tour sites like Hanumanji Temple and the Brahmani Temple. Antiquity buffs also embrace Gandhinagar due to its influential relationship with Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Nation. The Gandhi Ashram in the city is known as the nerve center where freedom fighter used to gather and plot various national movements that took place during the colonial era. All thanks to its well-manicured gardens, Gandhinagar is a center of attraction for kids as well. If there is any site in Gujarat that is flourishing, cosmopolitan and prosperous, then it ought to be Gandhinagar. One should hit Gandhinagar to observe a unique city, which is a melodious blend of antiquity and elegance. From mid to high scale, one can discover various accommodation hotels in Gandhinagar. You can book these budget and luxury hotels in Gandhinagar with EasyMyJourney.

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