Archaeological Survey of India has revealed the existence of an old city dating back to two centuries. The blasting work conducted between 1983 and 1990 exposed that a town was built in six divisions. A covered wall, stretching more than half a mile has also been excavated. The modern-day Dwarka is a famous journey site and claims of several shrines. Among the stupas, the 2000-year-old Dwarkadheesh temple is the most well-known one. Besides its shrines, the city is also famous for its shores. Scuba diving to see the undersea remains of Dwarka is a favorite venture here. Recognized for its memorial of Lord Krishna, Dwarka is considered to have been the initial capital of Gujarat. Established in the Saurashtra cape of Gujarat, Dwarka is a section of the Char Dham journey and is also one of the seven classical cities (Sapta Puris). Therefore, Dwarka anticipates the gateway to Brahma or Moksha. Dwarka is also a shopper’s pleasure. Patola silk sarees, Bandhni fabrics, embroidered handicraft items, embellished footwear and local souvenirs are worth a buy. Being a temple city, restaurants frequently serve vegetarian menu. Most of the establishments serve Gujarati, South Indian and North Indian cookeries. Gujarati thali is popular and you should seek Khamman Dhokla and delicious buttermilk. Dwarka has several hotel options. One can find many budgets and mid-range hotels in Dwarka. Some hotels in Dwarka also offer guided tours of archaeological marvels. You can book these hotels in Dwarka with EasyMyJourney to get good deals.

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