Claiming a religious legacy that very few cities in India can balance, Chitrakoot is identified to be of great religious and whimsical importance. It is in the thick forests of Chitrakoot that Lord Ram and Sita donated eleven of their fourteen years of exile. A general feature in Indian folklore, Chitrakoot dates back to the fictitious times and was the meditation sepulcher of many legendary sages and is believed to be often visited by Gods and Goddesses. Recognized as the ‘Place of Many Wonders’, Chitrakoot snuggles in the northern Vindhya series of peaks. The area has a unique sense of religious wonder that will take you back to your childhood fairy fictions and tales. There are several lively fairs which are arranged on various occasions and celebrations. Not many acknowledge that Chitrakoot is also home to the only university in the world specifically made for the differently abled, Jagadguru Rambhadracharya Handicapped University. To sum up, Chitrakoot is the unique destination, which will never discontinue to surprise you. Overall, Chitrakoot is an excellent blend of divinity, peace, and an exquisite charm. There are a wide variety of hotels in Chitrakoot to suit your taste and budget. No matter where you travel in Chitrakoot, whether you want to travel alone or with friends, family and kids, you will find a warm and welcoming place to stay somewhere near. Book these hotels in Chitrakoot with EasyMyJourney to make your stay comfortable and relaxing.

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