The most seeming thing about the city is the extent of the glorious blue sky with the peaks in the backdrop. When you surround the city, you see the serrated skyline of the Shivalik Hills approaching large over the city and the distant image of an old temple devoted to Goddess Chandi (15 km from Chandigarh) from which the city got its sobriquet. Chandigarh may resemble oddly familiar to Western guests and distinctive to the rest of India. Because of this, Chandigarh is a great place to tour if you need a pause from the turmoil of the rest of India. Chandigarh is also a highly guarded city. With the lowest violation rates in the country, you can consider safe at any hour. Enjoy the organized city, with tree-lined streets, large attractive roundabouts, and numerous gardens and on top a large set of characters. Chandigarh and Mysore are acknowledged the neatest two cities of India. There are multiple hotels in Chandigarh for all budget. This beautiful, clean and well-planned city has been attracting visitors for a long time now and is home to several hotels. For those looking for inexpensive accommodation in the city center, they can contact EasyMyJourney to get amazing hotels in Chandigarh.

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