The village of Chamba attains on an elevation on the top edge of the Ravi stream channel between Dhauladhar and Zanskar extends southward of the central Himalayas with astonishing gorgeous stupas, an immeasurable museum, and bustling shops. Chamba is a land that got its name from the fragrant Champa flowers. Beloved for its stupas, palaces, and jatras (or fairs), Chamba expresses an enchanting destination with lots of things to do. Whether you are exploring a crowded market or strolling through a museum, you will find cultural intrigue in this city at every turn. There are wonderful canyons within Pangi area like Sural, Saichu, Kumar-Parmar, Hundan, and Sechu. The Chamunda Devi Temple affords wonderful views over the town and valley. It's sanctified to a furious figure of the mother demigoddess Devi. A little apart from the Kajjar Lake is the temple of Khajji Nag. In the mandapa of the stupa, one can view the pictures of the Pandavas and the destroyed Kauravas dangling from the rooftop of the circumambulatory way. The sanctum of the pantheon has been exquisitely sculpted from timber. There is a Bhuri sigh museum at Chamba displays paintings of BhagwatPurana and Ramayana in a peculiar style. Besides these significant articles of collections, there are coins, hill ornaments, and dresses both legendary and magnificent, arms and armor, symphonic devices and different beautiful articles.There are ample number of hotels in Chamba - both deluxe and luxury for the tourists who visit the place. You can stay in these hotels in Chamba for a comfortable stay and enjoy the amenities there. To get the best hotels, you can contact EasyMyJourney now and get amazing deals!

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