Bikaner is a vigorous, dust-swirling desert town with a marvelous fort and an energizing outstation touch. Tourism is not so popular here than many other Rajasthan cities, though it has loads of hotels and a bustling camel-safari picture, which draws travelers seeming to dodge the Jaisalmer hustle. Appreciated for providing the best riding camels in the world, Bikaner, in the desert state of Rajasthan, is also recognized as the ‘Camel Country’. The camel is an inseparable part of life here. Be it hauling large carts to move grains and goods or operating on wells, camels are the principal aides. From catering and rage to traveling and recreation, the camel is a day-to-day requirement. The wells of Bikaner, an essential supply of water for the locals, are another fascination of the city. The majestic forts and palaces, constructed with delight in reddish-pink sandstone bear declaration to its grand historical and compositional legacy. Mounting lanes and picturesque bazaars with lively and pleasant folks make Bikaner an attractive destination to traverse. Bikaner is also a market for Usta art. The job for the prosperity of Usta art is being done in Bikaner for ages. But its true beauty and appeal can be viewed on the bits of camel hide. The goods of Usta art have been the associate of Bikaner for centuries. The heritage hotels in Bikaner were earlier royal palaces, havelis and forts. They are recognized for handling their guests generously. The city also has budget hotels in Bikaner for people with fewer budgets. You can contact EasyMyJourney for more details about the hotels in Bikaner.

Some of the best Bikaner hotels that will surely keep you enticed are :