Bhimtal is located with temples sprawling amid the grassy mountains and a natural blue lake. The antique town of Bhimtal is a spot to rest down under the shadow of nature, shut your eyes and encounter peace. A perfect weekend getaway from Delhi, this city most sought after the locality is Bhimtal Lake with a minute island in the heart adding attractiveness to its pleasant surroundings. Surrounded by an impenetrable forest of oaks and shrubs along with wonderful lakes and healthy climate, this place seems to be under the most wonderful enchanting spell of nature. The modest town of Bhimtal is recognized as a lake retreat. It extends the travelers a quiet holiday and conveniences for water fun. This beautiful town also attracts hundreds of tourists every year with its peaceful green surroundings. Bhimtal is mainly famous among the travelers for the majestic Bhimtal lake. You can do boating in the lake and also visit the island in the center that can only be accessed through boats. Wandering around the foothills of Bhimtal is very attractive as they are impenetrable and are a perfect locality for bird watching and snap shooting. You can also hit Garg Parvat which is the origin of stream Gargi. Sattal Lake is added lake that visitors can tour, but it is concisely visited. There are a lot of budget and luxury hotels in Bhimtal for travelers. You can book these hotels in Bhimtal with EasyMyJourney to get great deals.

Some of the best Bhimtal hotels that will surely keep you enticed are :