Aurangabad is a famous town in Maharashtra. The city is a visitor center, encircled by many ancient masterpieces. Aurangabad is stated to be a City of Gates and the powerful propinquity of these can be explored as one tour within the city. The BibiKaMaqbara endures in the middle of a capacious and formally designed Mughal garden with axial lakes, springs, water flows, wide pathways, and arcades. After the mausoleum is a little archaeological gallery. An attractive water mill, the Panchakki is renowned for its undercover water channel, which crosses more than 8 km to its beginning away in the ranges. The channel climaxes in a mesmerizing imitation waterfall that powers the mill. The attraction of the mosque housed in the interior enclosure is heightened by a set of 'dancing' water fonts. Not several people are conscious that Aurangabad is also appreciated as the 'City of Gates'. The place surrounded by the Killa citadel included nearly the entire territory between the Mecca and Delhi ways of the town. It had four or five gateways and a nagarkhana for the artists. The walls were battle-mented and loop-holed and had semi-circular pillars at the sides, on which rifles were formerly positioned. Shahganj Masjid holding the famous market intersection of Aurangabad is the generous Shah Ganj mosque, one of the elegant buildings of its kind to be detected in any portion of India. Visit this famous place of Maharashtra and stay in the luxury hotels of the city during your travel by booking them with EasyMyJourney. There are a lot of budget hotels in Aurangabad as well where tourists can stay.

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