The greatest city in Punjab is apparently most well-known as the headquarters to the holiest sepulcher of Sikhism — the magnificent Golden Temple. It’s well worth paying some time traversing the sprawling system, but don’t hold there. Amritsar isn’t just about pure sites (although there are various to examine). The perfect city is also a must-stop street food target, and home to lots of galleries, forts, and bustling marketplaces and stores. Get completely acquainted and believe like a local before you go with our comprehensive design to Amritsar. For an awe-inspiring adventure, visit Amritsar’s beautiful Golden Temple, the spiritual place of prayer for Sikhs the world over. Open 24 hours a day, the extensive golden castle rising out of a man-made lake is an absolutely remarkable sight to behold and it’ll be difficult to stop catching photos from each angle. Take a bath in the sacred Sarovar (holy pond) and examine the site, toured by millions of wanderers and travelers from all over the world. The city of Amritsar is a well-known traveler goal of India. Home to years of traditional importance, India’s struggle for freedom and a spiritual center, Amritsar operates a very unique place in India’s psyche. So consistently, this city sees a number of tourists around the year. For the ones who are looking for luxury hotels in Amritsar, they have the best available options. You can book any of these hotels in Amritsar with EasyMyJourney and get great deals.

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