Located in Rajasthan, Alwar’s history dates back to 1500 BC.Alwar is popular among international and domestic tourists mainly because of its proximity to the famous Sariska Tiger Reserve. Alwar in Rajasthan is known for its forts. Neemrana Fort, Bhangarh Fort, Ajabgarh Fort are the several forts that one need positively visit here. The City Palace, also acknowledged as Vinay Vilas Palace should be a section of your itinerary too. MotiDoongri is a famous sightseer fascination in Alwar. Known earlier as Mewat, Alwar earned an eminence as a conspicuous seat of creativity and culture beneath the great Maharaja Pratap Singh. In the 18th century, Pratap Singh removed the leaders of Jaipur to the Southland and the Jats of Bharatpur to the east and victoriously opposed the intrusion of Marathas. It was one of the first Rajput states to ally itself with the British Empire. Like all the princely states, this stronghold of the Rajputs also came under British rule and remained so until India gained independence. Alwar has a few good restaurants that serve pure vegetarian food. The erstwhile royal palaces converted to hotels are major tourist attractions and hence are booked in advance. Affordable rooms are available here and provide comfortable accommodation but aren’t advisable during the summers when temperatures soar. Deluxe rooms are cheaper as compared to other Indian towns. They cost less and offer good hospitality. These hotels in Alwar are also close to the palaces.You can book these hotels in Alwar with EasyMyJourney and get great deals.

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