Allahabad is located at Triveni Sangam, or the junction of the rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Sarasvati. It is an antique belief that all crimes get wiped apart when you enter this divine city. Several fictitious stories are associated with this town. It made the epicenter of the Indian Freedom Movement and has created various of India's commanding political personalities. It is also recognized for the Diocese of Allahabad. Allahabad is a center of diverse religions. Awadhi is the dialect of Hindi spoken here. Allahabad is both a historical and popular center for education. Places you must visit at Allahabad are The Sangam, Maha Kumbh Mela (after every 12 years), Allahabad Fort, Ashoka Pillar, Akshaya Vat, Allahabad Museum. There is also a place called Prayag Sangeet Samiti for the music lovers. There are several temples for the god lovers such as Patalpuri Temple, Dashaswamedh Temple, Shivkoti Mahadev Temple, Someshwar Mahadev Temple. Being a traditional and spiritual center, buying in Allahabad for ethnic ornaments, aroma sticks, sandalwood, camphor, and vermillion, sheets of lords and goddesses, and articles fabricated of brass can be an exceptional happening. For the book enthusiasts, Allahabad is a town of publishers. While enjoying the food and culture of the city, you can stay at mid-range or luxury hotels in Allahabad and enjoy a really comfortable stay in the hotel. Book your hotel in Allahabad with EasyMyJourney and get the best deals with us. Plan your vacation with us and enjoy it really well.

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