A fast-growing metropolis, an automated hub, an institutional hotspot, and a city with a beautiful past – Ahmedabad is one of the most powerful cities and is fast converting a very popular visitor stop as well. Shelter to a plethora of extraordinary temples, charming museums, tranquil lakes, good restaurants, and classy market, with a little bit of colonial story connected to it, Ahmedabad is an exceptional example of how a city can still retain each bit of its old-world beauty while still rapidly growing on the track of globalization and commercialization. Established on the banks of the Sabarmati river, and its delightful food, eccentric culture and marvelous hospitality drag a huge number of visitors every year round. Ahmedabad is renowned for its textiles and its tie-dye bandhani handloom procedure, which makes it a fabulous place to buy for bandhani sarees and dupattas, as well as a reflector and adorned garments, traditionally knitted dress materials, and other local handiworks. If you're viewing for a property that will satisfy your every whim and fancy, these hotels in Ahmedabad are your best bet. The best hotel in Ahmedabad is sequestered near the Nehru Bridge on the east bank of the Sabarmati. You’re close to most of the heritage sites and far enough from the noise and rumble of the city. Book these great hotels in Ahmedabad with an amazing location and view. You can contact EasyMyJourney to book your stay.

Some of the best Ahmedabad hotels that will surely keep you enticed are :