Yercaud is a small, unpretentious hill station in the Shevaroy Hills near Salem in Tamilnadu. The little town of Yercaud has an untouched landscape and a graceful, unhurried charm. Yercaud is surrounded by coffee plantations and thickly wooded hills that offer some wonderful trekking routes. The town is at a height of 1,500 meters, and the weather is just right for a pleasant holiday during the vacations.

So travel to Yercaud if you are looking for a quiet, relaxed holiday!

How to Reach Yercaud?

By Air : The nearest airport is at Trichy (165 km). You can also arrive at the Coimbatore Airport and then plan a further trip to Yercaud via Salem. From the airport take a cab or a bus to get to Yercaud.

By Rail : The nearest railway station is in Salem (36kms) and Salem Town (33kms). Also there are direct trains to Yercaud from Chennai, Coimbatore and Bangalore.

By Road : Yercaud is 190 km from Coimbatore, 220km from Bangalore and 357kms from Chennai and is well connected to all these cities through an efficient road network system. Many buses pass through Yercaud on their way to and from Salem, which is a mid-size industrial town.

Best Time to Visit Yercaud

The best time to visit Yercaud is from October to June when the weather is pleasant and conducive enough to enjoy sightseeing and outdoor activities and the temperature ranges between 13°C and 25°C.

Most of the festivals are celebrated during this period including Diwali that is celebrated in October and Pongal that is celebrated in January.

During the summer season, from March to June, temperature varies between 16°C and 30°C. Summer season is followed by the monsoon season that lasts from July to September. At this time, this place receives medium to heavy rainfall.

Things to do in Yercaud

Yercaud a laidback hill station in Tamil Nadu has limited range of things to do. Since the life here is unhurried you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the picturesque beauty of this small hill station town in Tamil Nadu.

If you are an adventurous sort then you can go for trekking through the various trails or you can explore the caves sprinkled in the town. Take a leisurely stroll along the coffee plantations and let the heady aroma of coffee beans enthral your senses. Looking for holidays that where you can just relax and laze around then visit this small hill station of Yercaud in Tamil Nadu.

Places Near Yercaud

Salem 30 kms away, is one of the interesting places near Yercaud. It has a Mosque built by Tipu Sultan, London Missionary Society, ruin of an old fort and the Museum that holds valuable collections of antique terracotta and sculptures.

Kodumanal, 40 kms away, is a tiny hamlet on the banks of the Noyli River. The small town actually is an archaeological site dating back to the 2nd century BC. You can explore some of the amazing ruins from the Megalithic, Neolithic and the Paleolithic Age.

Namakkal, 48 kms away, is a small town which lies at the foot of a hillock with an old yet magnificent fort. The town also boasts of intricately carved rock-cut cave temples, one dedicated to Narasimhaswamy and the other being dedicated to Ranganathaswamy.

Bhavani, 50 kms away, serves as the most important pilgrim destination of South India. It is situated on the Rivers Bhavani and Kaveri.

Hotels in Yercaud – Choice is Yours

There are numerous hotels in Yercaud ranging from 3-star, 4-star and 5-star deluxe to budget hotels.