A small city located in Karnataka, Tumkur is about 70 km north-west from Bengaluru and is considered a satellite town for the bustling metropolis of Bengaluru. One of the best and easiest weekend getaways from Bengaluru, many people throng to this destination every week as it has pleasant weather, multiple sights of interest, both urban and rural as well as scenic and natural beauty. Tumkur also houses the Shree Siddaganga Math, which is a spiritual and religious destination. This Math or Shrine hosts dormitories for underprivileged children and helps in educating them. Although a small town, Tumkur has been developing rapidly and was included in the list of 100 smart cities in the Prime Minister's list of new cities to develop. Tumkur was recently given the go-ahead to change its name to Tumkuru which was its original name. There are other places of interest as well within the region such as the Jayamangali blackbuck reserve. The thatte idli, based out of Kyatsandra is also another attraction in Tumkur in terms of cuisine.

Best Time to Visit Tumkur

Tumkur can be visited at any time of the year, even during the summer as the highs rarely go above the mid-thirties and the lows hover around mid-twenties. Late fall to early summer is the best time to visit and temperatures are in the low twenties for the highs and the lows hover around 18 -20 degrees Celsius on an average. Showers during the monsoon are also a good time to visit as the surrounding areas turn very scenic, although movement around the town may get limited due to the rain.

Weather Of Tumkur

Tumkur has good climate throughout the year, although winter months are more pleasant compared to the summers. The average temperature during the summer months can go up to 36 degrees Celsius although the lows remain at around 24degrees Celsius. The hottest months are from March end to June, although occasional showers may bring the temperatures down during this time as well. Monsoons last from July to October and are also a pleasant time, although movement for tourists could become restricted due to heavy rains. During the winter months from late October to February, temperatures range from highs of around 28-30 degrees Celsius and lows of 16-18 degrees Celsius on an average.

How to Reach Tumkur?

By Air : The closest airport to Tumkur by distance is the Kempegowda International Airport in the city of Bangalore, which is about 90 km away.

By Rail : Tumkur has it own railway station which was built during the British era and is serviced by many trains to and from Bangalore. Most passenger and express trains have stops in this city. Some of the trains that pass through here are Hubli Bangalore Passenger, Hubli Chennai Express, Ajmer-Mysore Express, and Puducherry Express among others.

By Road : As Tumkur is only 70 km from the city of Bangalore, it has very good bus connectivity to this city. Tumkur is also well connected to other cities within Karnataka such as Belgaum, Hospet, Hubli, Bijapur, and many others.