Surat is synonymous with being a survivor. In spite of being hit by the plague and riots in the recent past, Surat rebounds each time to becoming a stronger business capital. Surat is where 92 percent of the world diamonds are cut and polished.

The bustling business town of Surat is also home to one of the largest textile mills in India and is famed for its cottons, muslins, silks, and brocades and as a trading centre for spices too. The strategic position of Surat on the west coast of India, its relative proximity to Europe and its prosperity made it a pawn in the game of one up man ship between the various colonial powers in India.

Take a Surat tour to explore the beauty of this business town.

How to Reach Surat?

By Air : The Surat airport receives flights from Delhi and Mumbai. Buses and taxis that are easily available outside the airport can cover the distance into the town.

By Rail : Surat is one of the main stations in the Western railways network. It is connected to almost all Indian cities via Mumbai in Maharashtra (256 km) and Ahmedabad in Gujarat (230 km).

By Road : Surat is just off National Highway - 8 that connects Ahmedabad to Surat and Mumbai. The distances to the major cities are Ahmedabad 267 km; Vadodara 140 km; Mumbai 326 km; Bhavnagar 326 km, Junagadh 531 km and Bhuj 619 km. The highway is an excellent 8-lane road in top condition. The traffic is fairly heavy as it is one of the main links between west and southwest India but is well provided with gas and service stations, highway restaurants and motels at regular intervals.

Best Time to Visit Surat

Surat is warm in the summer and extremely steamy and wet during the monsoons so the best time for a trip here is between the cooler winter months of October and February. Summer temperatures soar and hit a high of 40 degrees Centigrade or more while the cooler winter months have a favourable temperature hovering in the mid 20 degree C range during the daytime.

A great time to be in Surat is during Navratri which usually takes place in October. People young and old come out of their homes to celebrate the festival by doing the dandiya raas dances and performing garba dances. A festive mood prevails over the city of Surat and indeed the whole of Gujarat during this season.

Things to do in Surat

Surat being a business town does not a vast list of things to do. Take a trip to forts or cemeteries or head to nearby places for some wildlife viewing. Savour the Gujarati cuisine called undhiyo – town’s speciality. So come and get bedazzled by the sparkle of diamonds here.

Places Near Surat

There are several health resorts and beaches close to Surat, so you can take your pick!

The closest, Dumas, only 16 km away, is a very popular resort. Further out are Hajira and Ubharat (28 and 42 km respectively), while Tithal is 108 km to the south and just 5 km from Valsad on the Mumbai - Vadodara main line. Most of these places are well equipped for accommodation with holiday homes and cottages set amongst picturesque palm groves close to the seafront.

Bulsar, a small town close to Surat serves as a gateway for visitors keen to see leopards, panthers, tigers and wild boar in their native environment at the Vansada National Park.

Hotels in Surat – Choice is Yours

There are numerous hotels in Surat ranging from 3-star, 4-star and 5-star deluxe to budget hotels.