“The city of Madhya Pradesh is famous as the Chitrakoot in Ramayana, Satna is famous for its scenic beauty and hills all over the place making it an ideal tourist location.”

Satna is a charming city located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, like other cities in the state Satna also holds a glorious past during Ancient India. The city is famous for its religious and mythological memoirs; the city is renowned as it houses the Khajuraho temple. The city has a huge amount of limestone and dolomite, making it the largest cement producing districts in the world. The economy of the city is consistent as the city is a huge contributor to cement industries and that helps the local economy. The city has two major religious destinations for the tourists namely Chitrakoot and Maihar, the city is also proud to have an ancient city of Buddhist culture named Bharhut. There are several pieces of architectural excellence in the whole city due to its glorious past.

Places to visit in Satna

There are several tourists attraction sites in Satna including a good mix of religious and ancient culture, there are various religious destinations all over the city giving it a beautiful ancient vibe; this makes the city extremely attractive and famous amongst the religious travelers. The city is also worth exploring to catch a glimpse of the charming old school vibes.

Bharhut - Bharhut Stupa is a famous Buddhist monument that is a treasure for Satna district of Madhya Pradesh, it is assumed to be built in the year 150 BC. It represents the rich ancient culture of ancient India.

Shiva Temple - One of the oldest temples in the region, it is one of the most essential must-visit spots by the tourists. One can reach the temple easily from Satna. The Bauxite mines near the temple also catch the attention of tourists, giving a picturesque view.

Pannilal Chowk - Chandni Chowk in New Delhi is a hub for shopper holics, Pannilal Chowk reminds us of the busy lanes of bazaars, a beautiful Indian market for shoppers. Satna beholds a variety of spots for the tourists from ancient sites to gorgeous bazaars.

Tulsi Museum - An archaeological museum and a great tourist spot in Satna. It is located 16 km away from the heart of the city and is located in a place called Ramvan. The museum was built in 1977, it houses various sculptures and pieces from the ancient times.

Best time to visit Satna

Satna has the same climate as most part of Madhya Pradesh. It is extremely hot during the summers and quite chilly during the winters, therefore the best weather to visit the city is between October and March, a pleasant weather for tourists.

How to Reach Satna

Satna a city located in Madhya Pradesh is very well connected to the rest of India, though a very small city it is exceptional to see the connectivity it offers.

By Air - Satna has its very own domestic airport known as Satna airport, though it is not well connected to the major cities of the country, the other nearest airport is 220 km away from Satna in Jabalpur.

By Rail - Satna has its own railway station and is well connected to several major cities in India, it is also positioned on the major route connecting Mumbai and Howrah making Satna Station is a significant junction. Also, it is said that trains are a convenient transport to reach Satna.

By Road - There are several private and state-run buses available from Satna, to other major towns of Madhya Pradesh, being connected to the NH-7 and NH-75 the district is linked to the major cities such as Jabalpur, Bhopal, Indore in Madhya Pradesh and Rewa, Allahabad, Varanasi, etc. outside the state.