“Sagar is a historic city, known for its contribution to the Hindu Literature, a home to several poets, writers, and other artists. The city is another beautiful part of Madhya Pradesh.”

The Marathas established the city Sagar in 1735, later it became an eminent site during the British rule. Various remains of the period remain in the city, adding to its rich ancient history. Sagar also has many beautiful and serene spots for the tourists giving it importance as a famous place for India’s tourism for its diversification in the Heart of Madhya Pradesh. There are many temples, lakes, and waterfalls in the city making it extremely popular amongst the tourists, though there are fewer destinations for travelers the ones that are present in the city are worth visiting.

The city was originally named as ‘Saugor’, a word made by combining two words, Sau meaning hundred and Garh meaning forts, the city was very well known for its rich heritage and the forts in and around the city. Later the name was changed to ‘Sagar’; the city is now turning into an important corporate hub as urbanization is hitting the city powerfully.

Places to visit in Sagar

Tourism is prominent in the city because of the Sagar Lake, and the nearby temples and the religious sites. Boating is one of the most desired activities by the tourists in the beautiful lakes, there are cultural shopping and food festivals organized all around the year, there are several villages in and around the city. Thus, the village site is enjoyed by the tourists as the villages are beautiful and give the feel of the real village life that almost all the tourists coming from urban cities miss.

Eran - Eran is situated on the banks of River Bina, it provides protection to Eran by surrounding it from both the sides. There are numerous temples in Eran like Varaha Temple, Nrisingh Temple, Vishnu Temple, and a few others. It is said that the region was ruled by various dynasties in the past.

Makronia - The place is named after Buzurg Hazrat Sayyed Makraan Saha Wali Rahmatullah Alleh, on whose name a dargah is located here. The Osho Hill is a very popular attraction for tourists in the area.

Bhopal - About 170 km away from Sagar, Bhopal is a famous city of Madhya Pradesh also known as the ‘city of lakes’ the city has woody forests, beautiful landscapes, and hills, the man-made lakes make it even more beautiful. The city has a splendid past well known for the Nawabs.

Vidisha - around 112 km from Sagar, the place is well known for its architectural excellence in its religious and historical monuments. With its magnificent past, the place has a lot to offer to its tourists and the remnants of the big monuments leave the tourists awestruck, which reminds them of the powerful dynasties that ruled over Vidisha in the past.

Best Time to Visit Sagar

The best season to visit Sagar is the winter season, as the weather is extremely pleasant during October to March. The city glows during the Khajuraho Festival of Dance is an important festival among the locals and is enjoyed by the tourists too in the month of February and March.

How to Reach Sagar

By Air - Dumna Airport of Jabalpur is the closest airport from Sagar, almost a four-hour drive. The airport is well connected to the major cities of the country through various domestic airlines.

By Road - The travel by road to Sagar is convenient as the city is well connected by the Madhya Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation, providing various public buses from Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur etc.

By Rail - Sagar has its very own railway station, which is well connected to various cities of Madhya Pradesh and it is also connected to cities such as Delhi, Gwalior, Agra, Mumbai, and various others.