“A princely state back in the days hasn’t lost its charm till date, this beautiful city of Madhya Pradesh is surrounded by nature and heritage sights.”

Rewa is situated on the north-western side in Madhya Pradesh. The city is famous for it was once home to the world renowned white tiger Mohan. Also, it is one of the major cities in India where the lineage of the white tigers grew, all thanks to the abundant greenery and the soothing climate of the city. The town has other natural surroundings that catch the glimpse of the tourists apart from the wildlife lovers, the gorgeous waterfalls like Keoti and Purva are a few to name. Rewa also has a glorious past that reflects in the beautiful architecture of the city as it has beautiful monuments and carving. The site is famous amongst the Buddhist travelers due to its centuries-old Buddhist Stupas with calm surroundings. Rewa is a hidden gem in the central part of India as it has precious sites for all travelers.

Places to visit in Rewa

Rewa is a very exquisite tourist site, as it has gems hidden all over, for heritage site lovers to wildlife lovers. The city is known for its museums, forts, waterfalls and historical villages. The beauty in the city is a beautiful mix of natural and man-made sites that gives a picturesque view. The place is divided into four parts, also known as Binjh Pahar, Lower northern plain, Kymore Pahar and Rewa Plateau, there are various tourists spots in and around the area.

Rani Talab - It is a well and is significant because it is one of the oldest ones in the state. It is considered as an auspicious water body as the well known Kali Temple is adjacent to the water body, making it a holy-sight and a famous one.

Govindgarh Palace - This beautiful Palace is a must visit in Rewa as it offers not just a sight but the palace is built on the shores of the Govindgarh lake giving a picturesque view and is surrounded by forests.

Rewa Fort - A history says that Salim Shah started the structure of the fort but it was the Maharaja of Rewa who completed it. One of the finest pieces of architectural excellence. A very popular site amongst the tourist, as they can also stay here and feel the magic of royalty.

Purwa Falls - Purwa a name associated with Ramayana, is considered to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Madhya Pradesh. It originates from the river Tamsa.

Keonti Falls - Listed on number 24 in the highest waterfall in India category, the beautiful waterfall is about 98 m tall and falls through the Mahana River. It is a major source of water for the nearby villagers and is a gorgeous sight for travelers.

Best time to visit Rewa

Rewa has a humid climate so the ideal time to travel the town is the Monsoon Season from July to September as it is said that the town gives a picturesque view during the season. The town is misty in winters and summers are extremely hot.

How to Reach Rewa

Rewa is located in Madhya Pradesh and has a princely connection with the past. The town is famous amongst the travelers for its waterfalls, architecture and the white tigers.

By Air - Rewa is not very well connected via air as the nearest airport for Rewa is in Allahabad which is 109 km from the city.

By Road - Rewa is well connected to the major part of the country by road as there are bus and taxi facilities available.

By Rail - There are no regular trains to Rewa, the nearest railway station is Satna which is 47 km away from the heart of the city. Though, the station is well connected to the major cities of the country.