"An unbelievable fusion of spirituality and nature, Ranakpur is a village which has a capability to make you fall in love with its vibes, right away!"

Named after the mighty ruler of Mewar, Rana Kumbha, Ranakpur is a beautiful village in the Pali district which an Indian tourist might never like to miss. The serene town is also home to various internationally renowned beautifulJain temples craved with the Amber Stones.

Keeping its location in mind, Ranakpur is not well connected with the major cities of the country, still this beautiful town gets thousands of visitors on a regular basis, because of its serene environment and the number of well-known Jain temples the town is home to.

Interesting Fact - Ranakpur is considered to be one of the top five pilgrimage sites for Jainism.

Places to visit in Ranakpur

Resting in a remote valley of Aravali Range, Ranakpur, is a beautiful land worth visiting, especially if you are an admirer of ancient architecture and a spiritual environment. Be it a spiritual getaway or even if an individual is looking for a small escape from the daily hustle to experience the mesmerizing view of nature at its true form, Ranakpur, has already git your needs covered.

Ranakpur Jain Temple - One of the biggest and the most visited Jain temple, Ranakpur Jain Temple is a beautiful temple dedicated to Tirthankara Risshabhanatha. Some of the monuments resting in the temple are considered to be few of the best architectural pieces in the world. The construction of the temple was started by a Jain businessman, Dharna Shah, in the 15th Century. For construction tons of light coloured marbles were used, the temple is supported by around 1444 pillars, and the best part is, each and every of these pillars are unique in design, one can’t spot two pillars similar in design.

Sadri - The landing place for the Ranakpur Jain Temple & the Parshuram Mahadev Mandir, located in Palu District, Sadri is one of the most visited worship spots by the Jain community. There are total fourteen Jain temples from 10th& 11th Century in Sadri, which includes few of the most renowned temples like Shri Vokkal Mata Temple, Shri Mahakali Temple, Shri Parshuram Mahadev Temple etc. Among all the temples resting in this holy land, Varahavatar Temple and Chintamani Parasnath Temple are the ones mostly visited by the travellers around the world.

Important Fact - Sadri also acts as a gateway to Marwar from Mewar.

Surya Narayan Temple - Surya Narayan Temple, is a beautiful temple dedicated to the Surya Dev or Sun God. The temple was built in 13thCentury which was further reconstructed in the 15th Century, the walls of the temples of numerous designs in circles dedicated Surya Dev. This beautiful architecture also features a sculpture where the lord is riding a beautiful chariot of seven horses. One can witness the outstanding talent of the craftsmen of bygone era by observing the beautiful carvings of warriors, horses and the celestial bodies on the walls of the temple.

Ranakpur Dam - One of the most underrated spots of Ranakpur, Ranakpur Dam is a spot worth paying a visit. One can witness one of the most beautiful views and photogenic landscapes when visited here. Location of Ranakpur Jain Temple is very close to that of Dam, in fact the temple is quite visible from the dam. If you are someone who is looking for a break from the daily hustle, stress, tensions and want to spend some time in nature & peace, Ranakpur Dam is a spot you shouldn’t miss.

Best Time to Visit Ranakpur

One can see Ranakpur at its best when visited during the Ranakpur festival which is held in the month of October. Tourist from all over India visit the city during this time.

How to Reach Ranakpur

By Air - The nearest airport to Ranakpur is the Udaipur Airport, situated at a distance of 60 Km south of Ranakpur.

By Road - There are lot of state transport & private buses on a daily basis to commute from Udaipur to Ranakpur.

By Rail - Udaipur is the nearest Railway Station to Ranakpur which is well connected to all the major cities of India.