"A beautiful adobe of religion and architecture, Pokhran is a visual treat that a traveller like you would never like to miss."

The land of Rajasthan is not less than a fairy tale come true. Be it warriors, majestic palaces, beautiful sceneries or stories of the legends, thisland has it all, Pokhran in spite of being a small part of this mesmerizing land, has always lived up to the benchmark that this beautiful state has created.

Be it a shrine of one of the most beloved saint or a shelter to few of the most courageous warriors, Pokhran has a story for ever ear who is ready to listen and a view that none of the eye can ever forget.

Places to visit in Pokhran

Pokhran is a spot where you can find story of Ram Shah Pir at one hand and an completely twisted story of the architect brothers of Hathi & Lulu at another. One of the best getaways one can ever think of! Don’t believe us? Few of the following places might change that thought of yours right away.

Fort Pokhran - Built in the 14th Century by the Marwar Thakur Rao Maldeo, Fort Pokhran is one of the most visited spots of Pokhran. This very piece of architecture is more than enough to talk how mighty the Champawats were. Situated in the mesmerizing Thar dessert, the fort is a beautiful fusion of strength and art at one point. The doors of the fort are covered with spikes, to stop the elephant’s from attacking the piece of the world living inside this beautiful vicinity. One can see a beautiful mix of Moghul and Hindu/Rajput Architecture as soon as he/she enters this very vicinity.

Salim Singh-Ki-Haveli - Built in the year 1815, by Salim Singh, Salim Singh-Ki-Haveli was built on ruminants of an old Haveliconstructed in the late 17th century. Salim Singh was the prime minister at that that time. The Haveli is very spacious and beautiful in its own way, but the key eye catchy element of this beautiful architecture is its roof which is designed in the form of Peacock. Like many other havelis in the land of Rajasthan, even this beautiful palace has structures of two tuskers at the entrance of the haveli which are made of sand stone and they have a very close resemblance with that of the original.

Baba Ramdev Temple - Baba Ramdev Temple is a beautiful spot where you can see two different religion coming under the same roof to worship the same god just with a bit change in his name. Located at a distance of 12 KMs from Pokhran, this temple is home to the mortal body of an Indian Folk God named Ramdeoji who is believed to be reincarnation of Lard Krishna.Constructed in the year 1931 AD, the temple was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner. Along with Ramdeoji one can also find samadhis of few of his disciples along with the five tombs of pirs who had visited this place from Mecca to pay homage to Ramdeoji, who was also known as Baba Ram Shah Pir in the Muslim community.

Nathmalji Ki Haveli - Built in the 19th century, this very palace acted as a beautiful shelter for the then prime minister of Jaisalmer, Diwan Mohata Nathmal. One can see a beautiful fusion of Rajput-Islamic style of architecture when stepped into the haveli. The chief architects of this beautiful creation were two brothers named Hathi & Lulu, here comes the interesting part, at that era, adnavced technologies for constructing such a beautiful piece was just a dream, both the brothers started the construction of the facets simultaneously, but the design they had in their mind used differed a bit, because of which two sides of the haveli look similar but not completely identical.

How to Reach Pokhran

By Air - There isn’t an airport in Pokhran, the Jaisalmer Airport is the nearest airport at a distance of 142 KMs.

By Road - Pokhran is well connected with all the major cities of Rajasthan.

By Rail - Ramdevara railway station is the nearest railway station at a distance of 21KMS from Pokhran.