"It won’t be wrong if we say, Pali is a secret beautiful adobe of religion, culture & history in Rajasthan, very less talked about."

Located at a distance of 40Kms from Jodhpur, situated at the banks of river Bandi, Pali is a spot in Rajasthan which has almost every next thing an Indian traveller would look for in his/her travel plan.Pali is also Be it a religious spot like Adishwar Temple or one of the most unique business hub like Sojat City, Pali has it all. Fact: Pali city is also the administrative headquarters of the Pali District.

Want to have a mini trip to the city of Pali? We have already jotted down few important spots for you!

Places to visit in Pali

If we start to write a detailed description on this beautiful land, the praising’s won’t stop. How can anyone describe a place which has almost everything, let it be a historical religious Hindu spot like the Parshuram Mahadev Temple at one hand or the beautiful markets of Fabrics and mehndi at another, be it a beautiful example of engineering like Jawai Dam at one side or the unbelievably amazing spot like Sojat City on another! Here’s our small attempt to write something on the incredible city of Pali.

Adishwar Temple - Adishwar Templeis also famously known as Chumukha Temple which literally transales to Four Face in English. Chaumukha temple is one of the largest Jain temple ever built, which took around 65 years for construction. This very piece of architecture resembles Nalinigulm Vimana, a heavenly aircraft. The building is made up of total 3 storeys, it houses 80 domes and 29 halls. If these numbers aren’t interesting enough for you, here is one more fact, tourists can see pavilions supported by 1444 pillars at the base of the temple.

Sojat City - Initially known a s TaravatiNagri, Sojat is a beautiful city resting the left bank of the Sukri River.The city also has a beautiful fort. This very fort houses few of the well-known temples like Sejal Mata, Chaturbhuj etc. Sojat City also acts as home to the Dargah of PirMastan, a huge crowd from the Muslim community do visit this holy shrine at the time of Urs. Apart from the spiritual importance, a tourist visiting Sojat City can witness plantation of Mehndi Trees over a huge piece of area, the reason is pretty simple, Sojat city is the biggest supplier of mehndi when we talk about India. Around 90% of the mehndi used in India is been produced here.

Jawai Dam - Built across the Jawai river a tributary of Luni river, Jawai Dam is a spot a visitor would definitely wouldn’t like to miss. Built by the Maharaja Umaid Singh of Jodhpur, the construction of this massive dam started in the year 1946 and was completed in the year 1957. A total of approx. 2 Crore 7 lakhs was spent on the construction. There is a village situated adjacent to the dam and apparently, the name of the village is same as that of the dam, Jawai, the village is spread across an area of 500 Km2, which makes Jawai dam the biggest dam in the western Rajasthan. Apart from its wide spread and appearance, the dam is also famous for the flora and fauna which reside around this massive structure. Two famous wildlife spots can be spotted near the dam, the Jawai Crocodile Sanctuary & the kambeshwar Ji Leopard Sanctuary.

Parshuram Mahadev Temple - Parshuram Temple A.K.A Parshuram Mahadev temple has a very important place in the Hindu religion, this temple is dedicated tothe sage Parshuram who is considered to be the 6th Avatar of lord Vishnu. There is an ancient cave located at this very place, one need to climb approx. 500 steps to get inside this beautiful cave, it is believed lord Parshuram created this cave with his axe, and he used to meditate at this serene place worshiping lord Shiva.

Best Time to Visit Pali

Winters are the best time to visit Pali, the environment is cool and pleasant at that time. The winter generally starts in the month of December and ends in the month of February.

How to Reach Pali

By Air - There isn’t an airport in the Pali, jodhpur Airport is the nearest one located at a distance of 109 Km.

By Road - Paliis well connected to all the major cities like Delhi, Jaipur etc. a lot of buses arrive here and depart daily from these cities,making it an easy destination to reach.

By Rail - Pali has its own railway station, Pali Marwar, which is well connected to the major cities of the country like New Delhi, Mumbai etc.