Latur, located in Marathwada region of Maharashtra is not only an established tourist hub but also an important centre of trade and commerce. The city is surrounded by historical monuments that draws several tourists from all over the world. The Kharosa Caves are perhaps the greatest attractions, with beautiful sculptures of Narsinha, Shiva and Parvati, Kartikeya and Ravan. Historians believe that the caves were modified by men in the 6th century, under the reign of the Guptas. There are numerous temples to visit in Latur. These include the Siddheshwar and Ratneshwar Temple and the Astavinayak Temple. The Udgir Fort and the Ausa Fort are tourist hotspots in Latur. Handarguli is a small village in Latur which is one of the famous bull markets in India. Situated on a hill is Hattibet-Devarjan, which is famous for cave carvings. Wadwal Nagnath Bet, which is essentially a hill, is renowned for its rare species of Ayurvedic bushes and plants. Other interesting places to visit while in Latur include Ganj Golai, Surat Shahvali Darga, and Kasarshirshi.

Best Time to Visit Latur

The best time to visit Latur is during its pleasant winter season. The months from November to February are cool and perfect for sightseeing in Latur. The summer season, from March to June is incredibly hot and dry. This is perhaps the worst time to visit Latur as the heat can reach a scorching 41 degree Celsius. The monsoon season in Latur, which begins in July and goes on until October, is generally cooler than the summer, but the rains often ruin sightseeing plans.

Weather Of Latur

Latur experiences tropical climate. The average annual temperature experienced in Latur is 25.9 degree Celsius. Latur’s summers, which begin in March and end in July, are usually hot and dry. Temperatures during the summer range between 24 degrees Celsius and 39.6 degrees Celsius. There is a chance of temperatures soaring as high as 41 degree Celsius. The monsoon season in Latur begins in July and goes on until October. Latur receives around 894 mm of rain annually. Winters in Latur, which begin in November and go on until February, are very pleasant. Temperatures during this season range between 13.9 degrees Celsius and 21.8 degrees Celsius.

How to Reach Latur?

By Air : The closest functional airport to Latur is the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad at a distance of 283 km.

By Rail : The Latur Railway Station has two platforms. There are around 10 trains passing through the Latur Railway Station. These trains connect it to several cities around. Some of the major cities include Mumbai, Nasik, Pune, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Amravati and Nizamabad.

By Road : Latur is connected to several cities by bus. This is a good way to get to Latur. Government, as well as private buses, connect Latur to cities in India. Ticket prices vary depending on distances as well as bus type. Some of the major cities with buses to and from Latur are Aurangabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Nagpur, Surat, and Ahmednagar.