"Kumbhalgarh is best example of how dedicated the rulers in Rajasthan were, for each and every structure they had built, be it a temple or the mightiest forts."

Rajasthan is always known for the beautiful views it has to offer and the courageous stories it has to say. It won’t be wrong if we sayKumbhalgarhis a spot which lives up to this unique mark that Rajasthan has established in the mind of every traveller.

Kumbhalgarh is a very important part of Rajasthan and its history, this is the place which once served as home to few of the mightiest rulers that India ever saw, rulers like Maharana Pratap, Maharana Rana Kumbha, Prithviraj Chauhan and many more.

Places to visit in Kumbhalgarh

If we start to jot down the key places to visit in Kumbhalgarh, just the list will take at least an hour to end, which of course isn’t the option here, but we have tried to highlight few of the prime spots of Kumbhalgarh that a visitor like you might be quite interested to visit.

Kumbhalgarh Fort - The Kumbhalgarh fort has a very important place in the history of Rajasthan, specifically Mewar. After the Chittorgarh Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort is considered to be the most important forts of Mewar. The fort was built in15th Century by Maharana Rana Kumbha, probably the name Kumbhalgarh comes from the same origin. The other highlight of the fort is, one of the mightiest and the most beloved rulers of Mewar, Maharana Pratap was born in this fort. The fort is built at a height of 3600 ft. above the sea level on the western range of the beautiful Aravalli Hills. The other interesting highlight of the fort is, the perimeter walls of the fort are considered to be the longest in the world which is spread across around 36 Km.

Interesting Fact - The fort is house to 360 temples; out which 300 temples are Jain temples and the rest are Hindu Temples.

Badal Mahal - Built in the 19th century by Rana Fateh Singh, also known as Badal Mahal which literally translates to The Palace of Clouds is a beautiful palace which is also considered to be the highest point of the Kumbhalgarh Fort.The palace is made up of two storeys, each one is a beautiful palace in itself, named the Mardana Mahal and the Zanana Mahal. Each palace is interconnected. The architecture of this beautiful palace is something worth noticing. Each and every chamber in the palace has a very beautiful air conditioning systems, which are made up of various number of duct pipes which brings in a cool flow of air to the rooms. The other highlight that one see is, as soonas you visit Zanana Mahal you can notice few beautiful stone jalis, these jalis were used by the ladies to see all the court preceding and important evets in the court, if any.

Mammadev Temple - The beautiful temple of Mammadev and a Kund (Reservoir) was built by Rana Kumbha in the year 1460. The temple is situated right below the Kumbhalgarh Fort. One of the most interesting point about the temple is, the temple had four slabs which are now shifted to the museum of Udaipur, each slab had some inscriptions carved on them, these inscriptions had the whole story of the mighty Mewar Dynasty starting from the King Gohil, the one who founded the Mewar Dynasty, to that of Rana Kumbha. The temple is also home to two cenotaphs. One dedicated to Rana Kumbha and the second one dedicated to the courageous King & Knight of Mewar, Prithviraj Chauhan. One can also spot a beautiful image of God Kuber, who is considered to be the lord of money in Hindu religion.

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary - Once a royal hunting ground, now a beautiful sanctuary, Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is a heaven for all the wildlife and nature lovers, which a visitor of Rajasthan would definitely won’t like to miss. If you think Rajasthan is a state of desserts then my friends, this sanctuary is something that can change this opinion of yours for ever. The sanctuary is spread across an area of 610 Sq. Km. which covers a good amount of the Aravalli ranges, it also serves as a beautiful neighbour to the mighty Kumbhalgarh Fort, probably the name of the sanctuary comes in from the same point. The sanctuary is home to a lot of species which are on the verge of extinction like, Leopards, Wolfs, Striped Hyenas, red spurfowl, golden oriole etc. One of the most beautiful spots of the Sanctuary is River Banas, which also is the main source of water in the sanctuary.

Best Time to Visit Kumbhalgarh

Keeping the beautiful surrounding the mighty fort of Kumbhalgarh in mind, the best time to visit this beautiful spot is during winters which usually comes between the month of October to March.

How to ReachKumbhalgarh

By Air - The closest airport to Kumbhalgarh is the domestic airport of Udaipur.

By Road - A lot of private and state buses visit and leave Kumbhalgarh on a regular basis, making it a better place to visit via road.

By Rail - Located at a distance of 84 Kms from Kumbhalgarh, Falnarailway station is well connected to a lot of major cities of the country.