“The city is known as the cultural capital of Madhya Pradesh with a variety of scenic beauty that it showcases to its tourist from breathtaking waterfalls to 100 ft tall marble mountains.”

As the moon lights up over the 100 ft tall marble mountains that change forms as the river Narmada passes through them. This view is as mesmerizing as it could get and the tourist surely carries this view with themselves for long, as it is picturesque and calm. But there are a lot more surprises that Jabalpur has to offer. Here you will get the chance to make up for your nature lover as well as a heritage site lover tourist. As the place has both the mix of nature with heritage perfectly for a traveler to be engaged. It does not come as a surprise that various episodes written in the historic times remain safe with Jabalpur which makes this place a gem for tourists.

Places to visit in Jabalpur

Jabalpur is considered to be one of the best places to travel with kids, though any vacation with kids is backbreaking at the same time, it is very exciting. It is a comfortable holiday destination that offers something or the other to all. This top traveling destination in Madhya Pradesh has a variety of interesting tourist places making it a fun place for holidays. To give you a glimpse of what all Jabalpur has to offer to it tourists here is a mix of places to visit from wildlife destinations to pilgrimage sites and historic places.

Dhuandhar Falls - The Dhuandhar Falls is considered to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Madhya Pradesh. The word Dhuandhar is the mass of mist that is created as the waterfall creates a bouncing mass. Thus, this makes the sound of the water extremely powerful and can be heard from a distance.

Marble Rocks - Jabalpur is known for its white marble rock at the bank of river Narmada. The picturesque marble rocks are a beautiful site for tourists and it is interesting to know that these rocks are supplied all around the country for stone crafts and idols.

Lord Shiva Statue - The 76 feet tall Lord Shiva Statue is located at Kahnar City in Jabalpur and it is the tallest statues of Lord Shiva in a sitting posture in the country. The statue sits in an open area under the sky, giving a beautiful view.

Balancing Rock - It is an independent rock balancing over another rock. It is one of the only two balancing rocks in India; the other is located in Mahabalipuram.

Kanha National Park - The National Park is a renowned one situated away from the hustle bustle of the city life. It is a perfect destination for all forest lovers and offers a variety of species in flora and fauna. It is a safe place for Royal Bengal Tiger and one of the largest national parks in Madhya Pradesh.

Best time to visit Jabalpur

The best months to visit Jabalpur is from September to March. Also, it is said that tourists prefer August and September as the rains are beautiful here. But it is advised not to visit the city during the summers as the temperature can get as high as 45 degrees

How to Reach Jabalpur

The city is a coveted tourist spot in Madhya Pradesh and offers various destinations that are considered as great vacation spots, therefore, the city is well connected to other major parts of the country.

By Air - the Jabalpur Dumna Airport is the nearest to the city almost 20 km away from the heart of the city. The airport is well connected to major cities of the country.

By Rail - Jabalpur has various trains from the important cities of the country regularly.

By Road - Travelling is hassle-free in Jabalpur, and there is frequent cab service available to the city from Bhopal, Indore, and Raipur.