“The Commercial powerhouse of Madhya Pradesh with beautiful heritage sites built by the rulers of the Holkar Dynasty, the city offers bustling bazaars with famous eateries.”

The 18th Century Indreshwar Temple is the reason for the name ‘Indore’, it has some very interesting monuments that are now associated with the Holkar Dynasty. It is the biggest city of Madhya Pradesh, thus an important one as the population is high with the rush of industrialization and commercialization in the area since long time back. Though there is not much that Indore has to offer to its tourist with a bunch of historical sites, the city is typically like any other big city of the country with its traffic and increasing population. But the gateways in the city are the beautiful bazaars and some really good eating places as the city is famous for its poha and immarti.

Places to visit in Indore

The city is famous for its urbanization in the state, though the attractions include the rich cultural heritage, which has been alive since the past centuries. Indore has been one of the fastest moving cities in terms of development and as a commercial hub, with a population of over one million. Indore has been a busy city that makes it a beautiful blend of modernity with hints of culture. It is a quintessential illustration of an urban city which has kept its rich cultural secrets alive.

Lal Bagh Palace - Built during the 18th Century by the Holkar Dynasty; it is one of the largest monuments. This monument reflects the lifestyle and class of the Holkar Dynasty with its majestic entrance, like those of the Buckingham Palace. The architecture does not match the Indian architecture, as it is a blend of Italian, French and modern architecture. Now the palace has been transformed into a museum.

Rajwada - It is a seven-storied palace, that in itself explains the grandeur with a mix of Maratha, Mughal and French architecture, a must visit for heritage site lovers. Though, it is said that a fire broke out in the palace in the 20th century that destroyed half of the Palace.

Indore Museum - The museum is situated on the Arga-Delhi road and is considered to be one of the oldest in the Malwa region. The Museum has a fine collection of art pieces and facts from the medieval era.

Bada Ganpati - Located on the Mahatma Gandhi Road, the temple houses the largest Ganesh Idol in the world, which is around 25 ft high. The temple was built in 1875; it is an ideal place for holy pilgrimage.

Best time to visit Indore

Indore can be visited throughout the year, though as a tourist destination it is ideal to visit during the month of October and March. It is likely not possible to visit during the monsoon season, as a good amount of water flows along the riverside. Also during the winters the major festivals can be celebrated and enjoyed in the city.

How to Reach Indore

Though Indore is not the most likely tourist destination, the city is the commercial hub is visited by people from all around the country thus reaching the city is quite convenient.

By Air - Indore owns its very own domestic airport thus it is very well connected to Delhi and Mumbai. Jet Airways operate efficiently in the airport that is almost 9 km away from the city center.

By Rail - Indore is very well connected to the major cities of the country via Ujjain by the Indian Railways. It is also connected to Ajmer on a meter gauge railway line and also to Delhi, Mumbai, and Agra etc.

By Road - Indore is extremely well connected to the major cities via road from its main Sarwate and Ganwal bus Terminal. The bus services are available throughout the year, even during the monsoons.