Hindupur is a big town that is located in the Ananthapur District in the State of Andhra Pradesh. Hindupur gets its name from one of its prior ruler called Murari Rao who named it after his father. The town is located in the banks of a river and it is situated at a height of 2037 feet. It is scenic town and the River Penner flows along the town. Hindupur is located in the South West part of Andhra Pradesh and is close to Bangalore city. The town is also accessible from Mysore, Tirupathi, Hyderabad and Chennai. The town also has a substantial Muslim population and there are many mosques that are located in the town.

Hindupur is known for its jewellery business and many gold merchants can be found in the town of Hindupur. Hindupur is a busy business center. It has good infrastructure and transportation is easy. There are a few hotels and lodges that are available in Hindupur and tourism is developing.

There is a small village near the town called Lepakshi and there are many buildings that are an example of the Vijayanagar style of architecture. This is a good place to visit for architecture buffs and those who are interested in monuments.

Best Time to Visit Hindupur

The best season to visit Hindupur is from October through March.

How to Reach Hindupur?

By Air : The closest airport is Bangalore International Airport to Hindupur as it doesn't have its own.

By Rail : Hindupur doesn't have its own railway station but it locate in between south express zone so many main trains stops here.

By Road : One can easily reach via road as it is well connected to main center Hyderabad.