Owing to its historical significance, Gandhidham is an important city in the Kutch region. Once upon a time, Gandhidham was the refugee centre for homeless people coming from Sindh after 1947 partition. Now, Gandhidham is a fast growing town with several manufacturing units in and around. The town of Gandhidham has a unique cosmopolitan population since the residents belong to different parts of India. Kandla Port, a major port on the west coast, is also a part of the Gandhidham region. Besides its commercial importance, the region is a famous pilgrimage centre for the people of Hindus and Jain community.

Best Time to Visit Gandhidham

The best time to visit Gandhidham is during the month of August to December & January to April.

Tourist Attractions in Gandhidham

Poorneshwar Temple : Sacred to Lord Shiva, Poorneshwar is an ancient temple known for its unique architecture. Historians say that the temple was raised between 9th and 10th century.

Shiva Temple : Beautiful temple of Lord Shiva constructed in 10th century.

How to Reach Gandhidham?

By Air : The nearest airport to Gandhidham is the Kandla International Airport, which is 6 km away from the main city.

By Rail : Ahmadabad railway station is the nearest railhead to Gandhidham.

By Road : Buses run by state government are the best way to reach Gandhidham. Ahmedabad (290 km), Jamnagar (214 km), Kutch (125 km).