The historic city of Etawah is located on the banks of Yamuna River in Uttar Pradesh. It was once held as a prominent part in the history of India during the British Ruling and remains a delight for travelers and nature lovers alike. Etawah is home to different species of flora and fauna, which can be seen at the wildlife sanctuaries here. The gushing waters of the Yamuna and Chambal rivers meet here at Etawah, and the city is known for the point of confluence of the two rivers. The National Chambal Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary also encompasses the town of Etawah where certain endangered species of gharial can be witnessed in their natural habitat. So if you are a wildlife enthusiast or a budding wildlife photographer, there is plenty to see and shoot, but only using a camera!

Best Time to Visit Etawah

The best time to visit Etawah is during the winter months. The temperature remains steady and comfortable during this time and it is easy to step out and move around the city. The winters begin to set in during the month of October when the mercury drops. The temperature during winters, which last up to February, ranges between 10 to 30 degrees Celsius throughout the day. Although it begins to get warm in the month of March, the weather is still comfortable.

Weather Of Etawah

Etawah displays chameleonic weather conditions. The summers begin in April with May being the hottest month, and the average temperature during this time is between 26 and 42 degrees Celsius. The summer season is hot and dry with the westerly winds blowing through the district. The monsoon lasts from June to September and is brought along by the south-west monsoon winds. The average rainfall is about 792 mm. Winter begins from October and the temperature rapidly drops till January when it goes down to almost 3 degrees Celsius, with the average winter temperature hovering around 3 to 23 degrees Celsius.

How to Reach Etawah?

By Air : Domestic Airport at Gwalior is 106 km away. And the airport at Lucknow is 229 km from Etawah.

By Rail : The railway station at Etawah lies on the Delhi-Kolkata line. You can reach Etawah by train from various cities such as Karonji, Barwadih, Garhwa, and Hatia. Tourists can take the Shatabdi from New Delhi to Etawah, which has a travel time of approximately 4 hours.

By Road : There are plenty of bus options available from cities in Northern India to Etawah. The distance between Delhi and Etawah is 435 km by road and there are almost ten private bus service providers plying buses on this route regularly.