Dharbhanga is a wonderful tourist destination and is located in the state of Bihar. The city is one of the significant cities on the map of North Bihar, located in the heart of Mithilanchal. Dharbhanga is located at a distance of 50 km from Nepal, making it a place of many tourist pleasures and utility. Dharbhanga is considered as the cultural capital of Bihar.

Dharbhanga is a city that excels in the art fields of rich musical form, folk-art and traditions from centuries. Dharbhanga travel guide brims with the highlights of the architectural marvels and religious places.

This district is known for its rich tradition of folk art form, the Mithila painting. Traditional folk drama styles of the Mithila region are also very popular in this district. Most prominent among them are Nautanki, Natua Nach, Sama Chakeva and Madhushrawani (new Bridegrooms).

A number of fairs and melas are organised in various parts of the district such as the Kartik Purnima mela, Dussehra mela, Janmashtami mela and Divali mela, which are most popular among them. The city derives its name from Darbhanga which is the amalgamation two words of "Dwar-banga" "Dwar" meaning Gate and "Banga" meaning Bengal thus signifying "Gateway of Bengal".

During ancient times the city of Dharbhanga used to be the ancient city of Mithila, an important cultural hub of the North Indian region gracefully located between the Ganga river and the Himalayan lower ranges. Though numerous rivers originating in the Himalayas water this district, it has four major river systems. Dharbhanga is famous for its amazing production of the king of fruits, Mango.

Tourist Attractions in Dharbhanga

Dharbhanga Fort, Shyama Kali Temple, Mazar of Makhdoom Baba, Holy Rosary Church, Chandradhari Museum and Harahi Pond are the main tourist attractions of Dharbhanga tourism. Dharbhanga tourism comes across as a forceful tourist destination as the city is known for its rich tradition of folk art form, Mithila painting.

Best Time to Visit Darbhanga

The best time to visit Darbhanga is during the month of Jan, Feb, Mar & Oct, Nov, Dec.

How to Reach Darbhanga?

By Air : Dharbhanga Airport is presently under the control of Indian Air Force. And adjoining airports may have to chosen by tourists.

By Rail : Darbhanga Junction is a model station on the East Central Railway and is one of the most significant railway junction of the state. The station is connected directly to all the major cities of India such as Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Amritsar, Patna, and many more.

By Road : Darbhanga is connected to other parts of India by means of national and state highways. Bus services are available to Ranchi, Patna, Gaya, New Delhi, Kolkata and many major cities. The East-West Corridor express way connecting Porbandar to Silchar, also passes through Darbhanga.