“A city that is highly significant for its mythological past and beautiful nature. The city got its name from an abundant presence of Cheetal (Deer) in the city”

With a beautiful spiritual legacy of the past that only a few cities of the country have, Chitrakoot is known for its religious significance. It is said that in the deep forests of Chitrakoot Lord Ram and Sita spent eleven of their fourteen years of exile, an old city is highly famous in Madhya Pradesh for its glorious past. With its dense forests, it is said that the city was highly important to the sages as they often visited the forests for meditation and it is also believed that Gods and Goddesses often visited those sages in Chitrakoot. As almost all of us must have read or heard Ramayana in our childhood days, Chitrakoot is surely a place that would remind you of fairy tales and fables as Chitrakoot is also known as ‘Place of Many Wonders’, the city offers northern Vindhya range of mountains making it an exquisite site for the tourists.

Places to visit in Chitrakoot

A holy town, located in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh, attracts a high number of tourists as the city is said to have been a part of the most important mythological story of India that is the Ramayana, with the glorious past the town still has a lot to offer to its tourists. The area has dense forest and River Mandakini flows through the town being a natural source of water to the locals. There are several tourists’ attractions in the town as mentioned in the holy books.

Janki Kund - Situated on the banks of Mandakini River. A place where Sita took bath, while they stayed in Chitrakoot, it is said that the water of the river during that time was crystal clear.

Kamadgiri - A forested hill with a chain of temples, the word ‘Kamadgiri’ means a mountain that fulfills the wishes. It is said that Ram, Sita, and Laxman lived in the particular region, devotees take one 5 km round of this hill as a part of the worship.

Ramghat - Another famous attraction of Chitrakoot located on the bank of Mandakini River; a place where Lord ram took bath. The place now is famous as a meditation point.

Bharat Milap Temple - A place where Lord Ram met brother Bharat during his exile. A temple is built now on that spot to mark the historic moment.

Sati Anusuya Ashram - Located 16 km away from Chitrakoot, a densely forested area with mythological importance and is often visited by the tourists.

Best time to visit Chitrakoot

A city open for tourists around the year, it is a pilgrimage destination, therefore, it attracts a great number of travelers and history lovers. It is preferred to visit the town during festival seasons, a large number of devotees visit Chitrakoot during this time. Thus, October to November is considered as the best season to visit the town.

How to Reach Chitrakoot

Chitrakoot is a sacred site, the whole area is a pilgrimage destination for Hindus as Lord Ram, along with wife Sita and brother Laxmana, spent more than eleven years of their fourteen years of exile.

By Air - At a distance of 190 km from Chitrakoot, the nearest airport to Chitrakoot is at Khajuraho. It is well-connected to the major cities of the country like Delhi & Varanasi.

By Rail - Chitrakoot can be easily reached by train option, it is well connected by trains coming from various important cities and tourist destinations; most of the devotees reaching Chitrakoot, use railways to reach the destination. It’s nearest railway station in Karvi around 12kms from Chitrakoot.

By Road - Chitrakoot is well connected by road, therefore one can travel by bus, taxi or own transport arrangement. Also, it is most conveniently reached by road throughout the year.