Chandrapur is an ancient city nestled between the Wardha and Wainganga River basins in the state of Maharashtra. The historic city of Chandrapur attracts numerous national and international tourists due to its proximity with various wildlife sanctuaries and magnificent temples. Chandrapur is well known for its abundant mineral wealth such as coal and limestone. A home to numerous coal mines, Chandrapur is also known as 'Black Gold City'. Along with being a huge mineral reservoir, Chandrapur is famous for its ancient temples, historic forts, and sprawling natural beauty. Mahakali Mandir, Anchaleshwar Mandir, Bhadranag Mandir, Gaurala Ganpati Mandir, Buddha Leni are some of the major tourist attractions for spiritualists. Whereas the Tadoba National Tiger Reserve, Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary, and Melghat Tiger Reserve allure nature lovers. The Chandrapur fort, which was built way back in the 13th century, is the main attraction among all the tourist places in Chandrapur. Walk down the ancient caves near Chandrapur; they will take you back to the 8th century when the ancient sages used these caves for meditation. Chandrapur is an ideal holiday spot for historians, adventure junkies, and nature lovers.

Best Time to Visit Chandrapur

Tropical climate makes winters the best time to visit Chandrapur. The combination of clear blue sky and cool pleasant weather makes this a good time to go sightseeing in Chandrapur. If you are interested in exploring the local traditions, you should visit Chandrapur during the festive season that is around September - October. However, if your aim is to visit the Tadoba National Park, a wild-life sanctuary near Chandrapur, you should visit during the summer months such as April and May to increase your chances of tiger sightings.

Weather Of Chandrapur

Located in the Central Region of India, Chandrapur has a hot and dry climate, and it experiences winter season between October and February with December being the coldest month. The temperature in this region can even drop to below 9 degrees Celsius during winters, and you should pack woollen clothes if travelling to Chandrapur in winters. February onwards, the temperature starts rising and reaches the peak in May. Due to the scorching heat and low humidity, one should avoid visiting Chandrapur in summers. Monsoon in Chandrapur begins in June and lasts till September.

How to Reach Chandrapur?

By Air : Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport in Nagpur is the nearest airport to Chandrapur. It is 146 km away from Chandrapur and it takes around two and a half hours to cover the distance.

By Rail : Chandrapur railway station is situated about two km from the main city. It is an important railway station on the New Delhi-Chennai line. Trains such as Lokmanya Tilak Express, Navjeevan Express, Karnataka Express, etc. connect Chandrapur to other cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Indore, Ahmedabad, Kanyakumari, etc.

By Road : Chandrapur is well connected to major cities in Maharashtra and across the country by road. Many buses ply between Chandrapur and other major cities in the country such as Nagpur, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc. The bus route to Chandrapur is not only comfortable but is also a surreal experience in itself.