"A spot where the tribal community of Bheel May have lived, now a biggest hub of Textile industry, Bhilwara has a story you won’t like to miss."

The seventh largest city in the state of Rajasthan and also apparently the 121st largest city in India, Bhilwara is a city of past worth your visit. The origin of Bhilwara is unique in itself the history has provided us two stories for us one states, initially this land was a place where the tribal community Bheel once resided who apparently also helped Maharana Pratap in war against the Mughal King Akbar, the other story states the land was a spot where the coins called BHILADI were produced. Which one is the right one? We guess, the way to the answer is very simple, Visit the city right away.

Apart from the rich history the city has, the city attracts a lot of tourist’s eyeballs because of the beautiful monuments and the temples the city is home to.

Places to visit in Bhilwara

As mentioned before the city is home to few of the most beautiful architectures of the past, like KyaraKe Balaji Temple, Gayatri Shakti Peeth Temple and many more. Apparently, the city is also known as the land of textiles. The city is home to more than 850 textile manufacturing units. One can see a huge amount of synthetic fibre which is used for trousers being produced in this city.

Apart from points mentioned above few of the key highlights of the city are as follows

Badnore Fort - Bandore Fort ishuge and amazing 7 storeyed fort probably one of the best examples of the medieval Indian Military style of Architecture resting in the beautiful land of Bhilwara. One can find an amazing work of traditional style of Rajputana architecture when observed the inner wall of the fort carefully. The other highlight of the fort is, the fort has a very beautiful spiritual aura too, this is probably because of the number of temples situated within the boundaries of the fort and in its vicinity. Because of the location of the fort, the fort is able to witness few of the biggest good & bad days of few of the well-known legends of India.

Harni Mahadev - Situated at a distance of 6KMs. from Bhilwara, Harni Mahadev temple is very important and an interesting spiritual spot. This temple is situated at a hilly region, and this beautiful hill are known for an amazing waterfall. Near this waterfall one can spot a giant rock, beneath the rocks there rests a Shivling, which is been worshiped religiously by a lot of followers. On each and every year a 3-day fair is conducted here, during the auspicious occasion of Shvratri. One can also see a beautiful view of the complete city when visited the temple. The temple is visited by thousands of followers on a regular basis throughout the year.

Mandalgarh Fort - Considered to be one of the best forts of Rajasthan, Mandalgarh fort was built by the legendary Rana Kumbhha, it us also considered to be one of the most prominent& also the third fort of Mewar region, after Chittorgarh&Kumbhalgarh forts. The fort has a very special place in the history of Rajasthan. In the year 1858, an unforgettable battle broke between the revolutionary Tantya Tope & the East India Company (British) in Sanager, which is in turn located very close to the Mandalgarh Fort. The fort is house to many temples, temples like the Jaleshwar Temple, Shiva temple etc.

Best Time to Visit Bhilwara

Winters are the best time to visit Bhilwara which usually starts in the month of October & Ends in the month of March.

How to Reach Bilwara

By Air - Dabok Airport at Udaipur is the nearest airport to Bhilwara situated at a distance of 134 Km.

By Road - Bhilwara is well connected with a lot of cities via buses too.

By Rail - Bhilwara Station is well connected with a lot of cities like Delhi, Jaipur etc.