Bharuch in Gujarat is an ancient town with a 2000 year history located at the mouth of River Narmada. Tour to Bharuch will educate you about the ancient background of the historical city. It is acclaimed to be the oldest seaports which prospered in the 1st century AD. As per the history, Bharuch came under the rule of the Solanki rajputs much later. The city got its name 'Bhrigukachba' from the Temple of Bhrigu Rishi, the name later shortened to Bharuch. Today the city is well known for its textile mills and long staple cotton. Bharuch tour is educational, informative and very inspiring.

Traveling to Bharuch will give you an opportunity to explore this very old town with historical records and significances dating back to 2000 years ago. In the 17th century, English and Dutch factories were established here.

Bharuch tour will make you explore the various attractions of the town. It boasts of a fort which overlooks the wide Narbada (or Narmada) River from its hilltop location and, at its base, is the Jami Masjid, inspired by a Jain temple. On the riverbank, outside the city to the east, is the Temple of Bhrigu Rishi, from which the city got its name. The town was known as Bhrigukachba later abridged to Bharuch.

Tour to Bharuch will educate you about the rich historical heritage. From the blessed river of Narmada to the Golden Bridge, the district has a wide choice of tourist attractions. All the tourists' places are well preserved by the Gujarat Government. Major tourist attractions include Bharuch Fort and the temple of Bhrigu Rishi as stated above. A gigantic banyan tree which covers a hectare, located in the close by island of Kabirwad, in the Narmada River, is another spot which will surely catch your fancy.

As one of the most industrialized districts of Gujarat, Bharuch is swiftly advancing towards a prosperous phase of development. Tour to Bharuch is frequently organized by industrialists and businessmen. Distinguished industries, chemical plants produce dyes, fertilizers, dairy products and paints. Liquid Cargo Terminal is another industrial attraction of this place. Bharuch also houses many reputed multinationals which form a substantial part of its yearly revenue. Known as one of the most ancient places of Indian history, tour to Bharuch is enriching and invigorating.

Bharuch tour is very easy to conduct as the town is well connected by air, road and rail. The adjoining airport is at Vadodara. Bharuch Railway Station is a main rail head of the Western Railways. National Highway 8 passes through Bharuch. By road, Bharuch is well connected with Surat, Narmada, Vadodara, Navsari and Anand.

Best Time to Visit Bharuch

The best time to visit is in the months between December and February. Popular festivals are Uttarayan, Navratri, Diwali, Holi and Ganesh Chaturthi. Meghraj Festival is celebrated only in Bharuch in the month of Shravan (July-August) when a 5.5 feet idol of Lord Indra is made and is worshipped for 25 days.

How to Reach Bharuch?

By Air : To reach Bharuch, travellers can land at Surat airport as it is located at a distance of 69 km. One can also land at Vadodara airport as it is a domestic airport located nearby. Tourists can easily take local taxi or bus to reach the place smoothly. The prices of the air ticket as well as bus or taxi is affordable so people can easily visit this place.

By Rail : Bharuch Railway Station is well connected with the railways from all major cities and towns. Tourists can easily reach the place to make the travel enjoyable. The rail fairs are affordable so tourists can afford it. To reach the city, people just need to take local bus or taxi.

By Road : Bharuch is well connected with the bus commuting service. Tourists can take tourist, luxury or state bus services to reach the place smoothly. Tourists can easily reach the place as the buses are comfortable. The nearby places to Bharuch are Ahmedabad (203 km), Shirdi (359km), Mumbai (399 km ) and Pune (464 km).