Dotted with fascinating forts, mystical temples and alluring historic monuments that tell the story of battling empires and imprisoned empresses, Bathinda is one of the less visited gems in the Indian state of Punjab. Also known as the “City of Lakes,” courtesy to the five artificial lakes in the city, it is quite an eclectic place that suits the whims and fancies of any traveler. If you crave to be in the company of some fragrant flowers, you can head to Rose Garden, or lose yourself in the abandoned forts of Qila Mubarak, which whisper the tales of yore. Or if you want to enjoy a boat ride, gliding through the serene waters of the Bathinda Lake against the backdrop of the setting sun, painting colors across the sky, this city has got it all. For the shopaholic in you, there is an exclusive road known as Mall Road with several showrooms of prominent brands, and for some local shopping, Dhobi Bazar is the right place. This captivating city is part of Punjab in India, the state which gave the world lip-smacking dishes savored across countries like Tandoori Chicken and Butter Chicken. So, while you are in the city, get ready to take your taste buds on a roller-coaster ride of tantalizing flavors and tangy treats.

Best Time to Visit Bathinda

The best time to enjoy Bathinda is during the winter spells. The day temperature is pleasant enough to roam around the city. However, the nights can turn out to be quite cold and chilly. The winters in Bathinda start in October and end in February. However, during the months of December and January, the city experiences harsh winters. The lowest temperature in the winter season is usually around 4°C (41°F), and that is generally early in the mornings or late in the nights. Make sure your suitcase has some jackets and a few woolen wears. Winter showers are not unheard of, so it is recommended to carry an umbrella as well.

Weather Of Bathinda

Summers in Bathinda are very dry and extreme since the Thar Desert is close by. Starting in March, they extend to June and temperatures of even 47°C (116°F) have been recorded at times. Dust storms often exacerbate conditions in the hot summer evenings. July to September, the monsoon dances across the city leading to an increase in humidity. Winter sets in by October and continues till mid-February and winter nights are chilly. In late January or early February, “Basant Panchami”, a traditional festival in Punjab is celebrated to denote the onset of spring. People wear yellow coloured attire and organize kite-flying festivals, on this day. Plan your trip accordingly, if you want to capture some colourful shots in your cameras and memories.

How to Reach Bathinda?

By Air : Though Chandigarh International Airport at Punjab, which is 225 km (140 mi) away from Bathinda, is the nearest airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport at Palam in New Delhi, is better connected via air to reach Bathinda. It is around 320 km (155 mi) away from the city.

By Rail : Bathinda has one of the largest railway junctions in India and is well-connected with all the major cities of the nation. New Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Lucknow, Jaipur, Patna, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Jammu etc.

By Road : Bus operators running to/from Bathinda to other cities are limited since the train connectivity is very wide in Bathinda.