Banswara is one of the beautiful cities in Rajasthan providing you some better ways of enjoying your holidays in a memorable way.

Tourist Places and Attractions in Banswara to Explore

Called as the princely city in the royal state of Rajasthan, Banswara is in south of Rajasthan founded by Maharawal Jagmal Singh. The city is earlier known as the Bamboo Country because of having undulating Bamboo forest prevailing in the area. Not forget to mention the Mahi River that is flowing through the city. Some of the beautiful attractions in Banswara that you are will during you tour include Mahi Dam, Bhim Kund, Maharawal Jagmal Singh’s Palace, City Palace and Visthala Deo Temple. Not forget to mention Madareshwar Shiva Temple and Andeshwar (Jain Temple) that are also the prime attraction of the city to explore. Diablab Lake, Arthuna, Raj Mandir and Tripura Sundari are also wonderful attractions to explore during your tour to Banswara.

Hotels in Banswara

When you are in the city, you need luxury accommodation to stay and enjoy your holidays. You will find some wonderful hotels in Banswara to stay in a home like environment. The city is lacking some 5-star hotels, but you will find heritage hotels to stay and enjoy the best time ever. There are also plenty of food options to enjoy your delicious platters in Rajasthan. We at Rajasthan Tourism Guide offer you attractive packages covring hotel and food in the city. Some Hotels in Banswara are also available.

Best Time to Visit Banswara

The city beautiful is an ideal tourist place to explore during your tour to Rajasthan. However, best time to visit Banswara is from October to February. March is also pleasant till Mid April. Avoid May and June as they are the hot months.

How to Reach Banswara?

By Air : Udaipur is the nearest city having domestic airport to reach Banswara by air. You can take a taxi or bus to cover next 160 km distance from airport to reach the city.

By Rail : Ratlam is the nearest railway station in Madhya Pradesh to reach Banswara by rail. you can take a taxi or bus from Ratlam to cover the 80 km distance to reach here.

By Road : There are regular buses and taxis available from Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur and other cities to reach Banswara by road.