The historically significant city of Akola is situated in Central India in the Vidarbha region that forms the eastern part of Maharashtra. Also known as the ‘Cotton City of India’ due to its high cotton production, Akola is famous for its various shimmering rivers, gorgeous winters, sprawling forts, and intricately carved temples and mosques. After Nagpur and Amravati, Akola is the third largest city in the eastern region of Maharashtra. Being well connected within the state and across the country, tourists find it convenient to visit Akola. Tourism in Akola is flourishing because of its outdoor activities, local food joints, and warm and affable people. The main attractions in Akola, both within and around the city, pull in thousands of tourists not only during its peak seasons but all through the year. Its rich culture and history is a goldmine for enthusiastic travelers and explorers with an interest in history.

Best Time to Visit Akola

The best time to visit Akola is during the winters between the end of November and mid-February. The weather is comfortably pleasant and will add to your delight of exploring this beautiful, historic city of Akola. The temperature goes down to around 11-12 degree Celsius during the night and stays at an average of around 20 degrees Celsius during the day. Enjoy your excursions and make the most of the major attractions in Akola during this period. Also, make sure to carry some warm clothing as nights can get quite chilly.

Weather Of Akola

Akola is known for its tropical savanna weather. As the city lies on the Tropic of Cancer, it experiences extreme summers with the temperature rising to a scorching 47-48 degrees Celsius during the months of April and May. Rain showers average up to 800 mm from the month of June till September. Light showers are also common in the months of January and February. Winter begins by the end of November and lasts till February. The minimum temperature can go down to about 12 degrees Celsius but Akola doesn't usually experience fog.

How to Reach Akola?

By Air : The airports closest to Akola are the ones in Nagpur (about 250 km) and Aurangabad (about 265 km).

By Rail : Akola is well connected by rail to most of the cities in the country and railways is quite the preferred mode of travel, especially visitors from outside Maharastra. Trains regularly stop at Akola from other cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad among others.

By Road : Buses are one of the most common and cheapest ways to reach Akola. There are buses from other cities in the state as well as from neighbouring states in the country regularly plying to and from Akola. National Highway 6 passes through this city. The frequency of buses going into and out of the city is high and one can easily book tickets, even during the peak seasons of the year.