"Connecting the spiritual side of Rajasthan to courageous warriors of the past, Ajmer is undoubtedly one of the most Important and highly visited cities of India."

Founded in the 7th Century AD. by Raja AjayPal Chauhan, resting at the base of Pushkar, surrounded by the beautiful Aravli Range, Ajmer is one of the beautiful cities where one can witness more than two cultures blending onto one, on the same piece of land.It is probably one of the best places to understand how various dynasties had visited, conquered, won and also had been defeated on this historical land of Rajasthan.

Places to visit in & near Ajmer

Ajmer as a cityis very rich in history, let it be from a warrior’s perspective or from a spiritual side. It’s a place where one can see the architectural beauty from various dynasties like Mughal, Rajput’s etc. all under one roof. A land where one will fall in love with the beauty of Lake Foy Sagarin one hand and will seriously believe the path of spirituality by visiting Ajmer Shareef at another. A place which was home to the emperor Akbar at one hand and also served as a shelter to the family of Prithv Raj Chauhan at another.

Ajmer Sharif Dargah - One of the biggest spiritual points of the world, Ajmer Sharif is the final resting place of the Sufi Saint Gharib Nawaz Moin-Ud-Din Chisti, the saint who sacrificed his whole life for the betterment of the poor, the saint who is considered to be the founder of Islam in India. The positivity and the aura of the shrine makes every next individual who visits here, believe that there is a super power who is always there for us. This dargah is been visited by millions of followers, every year, not only Muslims but also by the people who belong to every other religions in this world.There is a belief,that anyindividual who prays here with pure heart and good intentions gets their each and every wish fulfilled.History tells, one of the biggest emperors of history during the Mughal reign, Akbar, used to visit the dargah to pau respect to the saint at least once every year.

Nasiyan Digambar Jain Temple - Built in the year 1865, NasiyanDigambar Jain Templelocated at Prithviraj Marg isAjmer is considered to be one of the best and extraordinary Jain temples after the temples of Ranakpur and Mount Abu in Rajasthan. This temple is well connected to all the major cities of the state, which makes it easy to every other visitor of Rajasthan to experience this beautiful piece of architecture. This two storeys building has a temple at the first floor which is open for individuals form every other religion and a museum at the second storey. The architecture of the temple is considered to be one of the best creations ever made using gold, silver and woods to depict the ancient universe from the prospective of Jainism, which also includes replica of every other important Jain temples of the country.

Ana Sagar Lake - One of the most mesmerizing spots of Rajasthan, Ana Sagar lake, founded between 1135-1150 by Arnoraja Chauhan grandfather of one of the most courageous kings India Ever had, Prithvi Raj Chauhan, is one of the most visited spot by the travellers. Spread across 13km, the lake is surrounded by beautiful, lush gardens and marble pavilions which were built by the Mughal emperor Jehangir is probably one of the best places to visit and experience the beauty of this lake at its best.

Taragarh Fort - Guarding the beautiful city of Ajmer, Tahargarh fort is one of the massive forts built in the year 1354 during the reign of King Ajaypal Chauhan, is one of the beautiful spots that a visitor visiting Ajmer should never miss. One can witness the beautiful Rajasthani Architecture by visiting this beautiful spot and a beautiful view of the Ajmer city can also be seen from the top.

Akbar Palace - Built by the most beloved Mughal emperor Akbar, in the year 1570, this fort acted as a most secure home to the emperor whenever he visited Ajmer Shareef to pay his respect and prayers to Khwaja Gharib Nawaz. This fort also holds a very important places in the history of India, as this was the place where the Mughal Emperor Jahangir opened the door to the British East India Company to trade with India. Protected by stone walls, this fort is one of the must go spots to every visitor to experience the beauty of architecture during the Mughal Dynasty and also, part of the fort is now been converted to a museum which puts one of the best armours of the Rajput & Mughal dynasties int display.

Shopping Spots - If you are someone who is always up super excited to shop some ethnic wears or ethnic designs then Ajmer has got you covered to a completely different level. One can find few of the best designs of Silver Ornaments, Joothis, ethnic turbans and many more products in the markets of Naya Bazar, Nahila Mandi, Dargah Bazar etc.

Best Time to Visit Ajmer

Winters are the best time to visit Ajmer i.e. between the month of September to March. So, if you are someone looking for the best getaway which has a blend of both spirituality and history then you know exactly where to book your next travel trip to.

How to Reach Ajmer

By Air - There isn’t an airport in the Ajmer city, the Sanganer Airport located at Jaipur is the nearest airport at 135 KMs.

By Road - Ajmeris well connected to cities like Delhi, Jaipur etc. a lot of buses arrive here and depart daily from these cities,making it an easy destination to reach.

By Rail - Ajmer has its own railway station, Ajmer Junction, which is well connected to the major cities of the country like New Delhi, Mumbai etc.