Ahmednagar situated in the state of Maharashtra is a small city about 120 km from Pune and 300 km from Mumbai. Although the town does not boast about its large area-per-sq-meter numbers, it makes up for that through its deep-rooted history, magnificent monuments and charming temples, which are also some of the places that are a must-visit in Ahmednagar. The small city that is bordered by the scenic river Sina, is home to people of various religions who live in utmost harmony. A popular place for both Maharashtrian and Muslim cuisines, Ahmednagar is famous for its numerous lip-smacking street food joints that are also touted to be one of the main attractions in Ahmednagar. Among the many places to visit in Ahmednagar, sprawling palaces, historically significant tombs, the famous Ahmednagar Fort and intricately carved temples are a favourite with tourists and locals alike. A lot of people visit Ahmednagar for trade-related work, if you do too make sure to take out some time and take a trip around the city that has a lot to offer.

Best Time to Visit Ahmednagar

The best time to visit Ahmednagar is between November and March, the coolest months of the year. The temperature can drop down to 10-14 degrees Celsius at nights, so make sure to carry some warm clothing along. During winters, it remains dry and refreshing making it the best time of the year to visit.

Weather Of Ahmednagar

Ahmednagar experiences extreme weather conditions and sparse rainfall (165 mm). The summers are sweltering hot while winters can get ice-cold, and the overall climatic condition is hot and dry. Through April until June are the hottest months in Ahmednagar, the temperature during this period goes up to 40 degree Celsius. Monsoon begins around July and is welcomed with great relief after months of scorching, dry heat. The city experiences winter from November up until March and it can get quite chilly at a minimum of 10 degrees Celsius.

How to Reach Ahmednagar?

By Air : The nearest airport to Ahmednagar is in Pune (about 120 km) and Aurangabad (about 125 km).

By Rail : Ahmednagar is connected to most major cities via the Indian Rail network. Regular trains are destined for the city on most days of the week from Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Goa, Nagpur and various other cities outside of Maharashtra as well.

By Road : One of the best ways to get to Ahmednagar is by bus. Tourists and businessmen frequently travel to Ahmednagar on religious and work trips all through the year. Reputed bus service companies regularly travel to Ahmednagar from Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Goa and Ahmedabad. Bus trips from Pune or Aurangabad barely take a couple of hours and they ply in and out of the city every few hours on regular basis.