Agartala is the capital of the state of Tripura and is situated on the banks of the river Haora. With sprawling crystal-clear lakes that reflect its vibrant sunset, and lush enticing greenery, there are lot of places to visit in Agartala. In terms of population and area, Agartala is the largest in Tripura and ranks second after Guwahati in all of Northeast India. Agartala derives its name from Agar (the scented Agaru tree) and Tala, which loosely means a storehouse. The Indo-Bangladesh border lies only 2 km from the city and therefore Agartala mirrors the neighboring country’s beautiful culture and language. The city is famous for its native art and craft like bamboo items, hand-woven attires, and gorgeous textiles. Even though there are a lot of things to do in Agartala, it is a must-visit for those who want to take out time from the humdrum of everyday life and immerse themselves in rich history, culture and breathtaking landscapes.

Best Time to Visit Agartala

Winters are marked by a cool pleasant climate and this is when Agartala tourism spikes up. Besides the favorable climate and the overall weather, people also visit Agartala to revel in the breathtaking Northeastern beauty that is common to this part of the state. The temperature comes down to about 18-degree Celsius, which is pleasantly cool and perfect for exploring and trekking. Enthusiastically celebrated Durga Puja takes place in Oct-Nov and if you're interested in experiencing the state's culture, you mustn't miss this.

Weather Of Agartala

The city witnesses humid, subtropical weather conditions. Its average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius, with rainfall dominating the better part of the year. Wet summers last from April until October. Winter begins in November and lasts until early mid-March. The average temperature in winter is about 18 degree Celsius. The ideal time to visit Agartala is from October until February. Although the city's natural beauty comes alive during the monsoon, the heavy rainfall and floods make it difficult to travel to and commute through the city.

How to Reach Agartala?

By Air : The nearest airport is the Imphal airport situated 570 km away. The Guwahati airport is a close second, at about 575 km.

By Rail : One can travel to Agartala by train but be warned; it would take longer as the distance between Agartala and other cities are more. From Delhi, it takes about 28 hours (via Kolkata), while from Kolkata, it's about 12 hours.

By Road : Regular and direct bus routes to Agartala are from Kolkata, Guwahati, Shillong and Silchar and are preferred by tourists and businessmen alike. The much-awaited Dhaka-Kolkata bus service has reduced the distance and duration between Kolkata and Agartala by almost half, as buses now travel via the neighboring country, Bangladesh. Agartala is connected to Assam and other states via National Highway 44.